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Engineering Services

Biosafe offers a range of unique engineering services throughout all phases of your project. We follow up our client from initial design idea to the complete implementation of tailor made solution.

We can offer appropriate solutions for crushing installations and granulation of end of life tires. We are available to use our know-how for developing layouts for production lines, design and assemble production equipment or develop innovative and competitive products to the market in which our customer operates.

Biosafe has the most modern testing equipment to ensure production and quality of our products. We are available to establish cooperation agreements with our customers in this particular area.

• Tensile and Compression Testing;
• Color Control Testing;
• Weathering Ageing Testing;
• Shock Absorption, Vertical Deformation, Energy Restitution for Artificial Turf Testing;
• Ball Roll and Ball Rebound, Uniformity and Fill Level for Synthetic Turf Testing;
• Critical Fall Height Testing;

Our team of experts will be happy to submit an appropriate proposal to suit your needs.